Proposal for Space and Image project

I currently have two ideas for maps.

#1: A map for United States GDP distribution

Unlike traditional map which is with geographical borders, this map will show different states depend on its GDP.

I plan on using circles with different colors and sizes of shapes to represent different states. Different colors will show different ranges of Per Capita GDP while different sizes will show different ranges of Total GDP.

Besides, each circle will have a tooltip. This tooltip will show the GDP, Per Capita GDP and also the link to the wiki intro for this state (the link convert the map from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional).

All the features I mentioned above could be realized by a visualization software “Tableau” (it’s not free but I have it installed on my laptop because of my intern job).

Once finishing the map, I will upload it to the Tableau Public — a free online platform so that everyone could view it without having Tableau installed.

Here’s a map example using Tableau:


#2: A map showing the distances between different states in United States

The traditional map visualizes the distances between different states by drawing geometrically accurate representations of the United States.

However, my map will visualize the distances in a circular layout (different states will be in different positions of the circular layout and the width of the lines connecting two states will show the distances between these two states).

This can be realized by a free online visualization tool Circos.

Here’s a map example using Circos:


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